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Mechanical properties of Raised Floor System

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The mechanical properties mainly involve (to involve) the floor load-bearing and abrasion resistance.
1. Carrying performance
Floor load-bearing performance: The load-bearing capacity of the raised flooring (a kind of charge in a static state) often determines the life cycle of the raised access floor. Of course, this should also be considered to the equipment in the computer room (equipment weight, whether it is placed or not). On the floor) to decide. Network floor is a floor specially designed to adapt to modern office and facilitate network wiring. It is also called the wiring floor, and abroad it is called the access floor or cable floor. It overcomes the shortcomings of the existing floor cable solutions, and is well adapted to the requirements of fast network changes, many in and out ports, height of office raised floors, anti-static and flame retardant.
Lanpin anti-static (a kind of static electric charge) has three main levels of different load-bearing raised floors, the uniform load is 1000kg/㎡, 1500kg/㎡ and 2000kg/㎡. The network floor is low in height, easy to install, and naturally forms wiring grooves, and at the same time saves headroom than traditional raised floors. Carpets or other surface layers need to be laid on the network floor, which is suitable for large-space office places such as office buildings.
The bearing capacity of the stent: the bearing capacity of the stent should be above 1000kg.
2. Wear resistance
Anti-static (a kind of static charge) raised access floor veneer has a wear-resistant layer on the surface, so that the floor can be used for a long time without damaging the anti-static veneer, affecting the anti-static effect, but now many non-standard anti-static flooring on the market do not The wear-resistant layer is not only poor in anti-static, but also the veneer's lifetime is often not long, and the veneer is easy to peel and crack after a long time.
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